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Fort Edam/Defense Line of Amsterdam

3 November 2021 - Kim Tol

Edam's fort belongs to the Amsterdam defense line. Tis defense line contains as many as forty-five forts. In the 1stWorldWar, the fort of Edam mainly housed officers and soldiers. These people came in very handy in 1916 when the flooding site took place in the Netherlands. They were used to save the cattle and household effects, but also to build emergency dikes and strengthen the old dikes. The main task of the fort at Edam was back in the days the protection of the Amsterdam region against enemy attacks from the north. An essential part of the defense was the underwatering of the polder area north of Edam when this was needed.


A fun fact is that after that time the soldiers were sent home because the Netherlands remained neutral in the1st world war. For some of these soldiers, that house was no longer somewhere else in the Netherlands, but in Edam. They had fallen in love with a woman from Edam.

After the2nd world war, the fort still served as a prison for NSB members and other collaborators. Then it became an ammunition storage. On the site square fourteen there is a construction of concrete and steel beams that are partly sunk into the ground. The function of this is construction is still being investigated. However, it is known that the construction of this took place under mysterious circumstances in the time of the beginning of the Cold War.

During a large part of the year, the fort at Edam can be visited, both individually and in groups. Events often take place on site and exhibitions can be visited. This year the following exhibitions will be displayed.

  1. The death council in the1st world war
  2. Edam during the2nd world war and the inundation of the Zeevangs polder
  3. The nature exhibition
  4. The flood of 1916
  5. The radio room with transmission equipment
  6. A photo exhibition about the1st world war
  7. A fire brigade exhibition by the volunteer fire brigade Edam.

The fort can be visited with or without guidance. Keep in mind that not all parts of the fort building and the fort grounds are accessible to visitors. Moreover, the fort is located in a protected nature reserve of Staatsbosbeheer. At all openings there are guides present who give you as a visitor a tour and inform you of the story of the fort. This tour lasts about an hour and a half. Of course it is also possible to discover the fort yourself. Based on an extensive map with description, your own journey of discovery can begin.


The fort is also open by appointment for example for a family day, a company excursion or excursion with school. There are various possibilities here. What can always be seen in the fort is the officers' canteen, the original kitchen, a soldier's quarters, a powder room, a trench from the 1st World War, a model of the fort and a model with the inundation areas of the Defense Line of Amsterdam.


Of course, I also visited the fort once. My brother gave a birthday party in the fort, and I was allowed to come along. Wearing a soldier's suit made me feel enormously proud and strong. Especially the shooting with a bottle cannon has stayed with me and the fun and educational treasure hunt through the fort. I had never been to a fortress in my entire life, so that fact already made a big impression on me. Heavy doors and high walls surrounded by lots of greenery. I never knew how wonderful a fort could be. An afternoon in the fort at Edam will make you forget where and in what time you are. The radio room where you can see how morse language used to be communicated is also a nice part of the tour.


If you would like to add a fun and educational activity to your holiday or to a day in this beautiful area, then the fort at Edam is highly recommended.

Below you can find the prices that the fort uses for a visit. For further information about the fort, I refer you to the website:


Children up to 3 years


Children 4 to 11 years

From €2.50

from 12 years and adult

From €3.50


€5 per person (regardless of age)

School classes

On request.

Groups during openings

Normal entrance fees

Groups outside open

€ 5 per person