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Here you will see a listing of all the cultural parts of Edam-Volendam and surrounding areas.

Edams museum

Address: Damplein 8, 1135 BK Edam     View map »
Type: Museum
Phone: 0299-372 644

The Museum is open Saturday and Sunday 13.00 - 16.30 



The museum is Edam's oldest brick house. It was built in or around 1540 as a private house and was furnished as museum in 1895. This step gable gets its late gothic character from the use of natural stone, the profile of the pinnacles and its asymmetry.
However, other details have obviously been influenced by the later renaissance period. 
The value of this museum is that you can see inside the typical construction of this type of Dutch house i.e. a very heavy oak skeleton consisting of uprights, main beams supported by corbel blocks, or brackets, key pieces and smaller cross beams.

The internal lay-out is still completely original and the furnishings give a good impression of how our ancestors used to live. The kitchen leads into the famous floating cellar; a brick box-shaped room, floating freely on the ground water.