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Here you will see a listing of all the cultural parts of Edam-Volendam and surrounding areas.

Oldest Wooden House

Address: Achterhaven 105, 1135 XT Edam     View map »
Type: Architecture

Next to the bakery, on the corner of the Breestraat is the famous Oldest Wooden House of Edam. The lintel of the door is decorated with a late gothic accolade and rosettes, which are an indication that the building dates from around 1530.
Except for one stone room at the back, the rest of the house is built completely of wood and the facade is virtually original. Special features are the wooden trade hatches and the door with a beautiful old lock. 
It is rather amazing that this house managed to survive the many fires which ravaged Edam and, even more surprising, that it escaped from the legislation that all wooden buildings had to be replaced by stone in an effort to cut down the risk of fire. 
Consequently, this is an extremely rare example of gothic wooden architecture in the Netherlands. lt was thoroughly restored in 1979-80.