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Fris ceramics exhibition Edam

20 December 2021 - Kim Tol

Fris ceramics exhibition Edam

In my previous blog I told you about the museum of Edam and the two associated buildings. In the Coopmanshuys I noticed that the hall was decorated  with ceramic crockery. The present gentleman told me that these were pieces that belong to the Collection of Fris. In 1947,  designer Willem Hendrik de Vries started designing modern and functional ceramic  tableware. The collection of Fris played an important role in the development of the Dutch service. Today, these objects are included in various national and international museums such as the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, Keramiekmuseum Princessehof in Leeuwarden, Van Eesterenmuseum in Amsterdam, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, Museum of Modern Art in New York and of course here where it all started in Edam.


Dependance Edams Museum

Through the hall of het Coopmanshuys my interest in this simple but colorful tableware was aroused. Time for a visit to the town hall of Edam where the annex of the Edams museum is located. An employee of the tourist office referred me to the first floor. Thanks to a donation from Mr. Wil Schagen, the museum has an almost complete collection of Fris ceramics.  The first thing I noticed was the design of the tableware. All the objects are arranged on colour and shape so that the exhibition forms a whole. When I consider that this tableware was already conceived in 1947, I get the feeling of continuity  and timelessness. This tableware could have been conceived last week, so modern and timeless does the tableware look. Of course, it is not for nothing that it is said that Fris is still alive and kicking. Fris' objects are very popular at auctions and I certainly understand why. The shapes and colours fit into any kitchen and in any interior due to the simplistic effect.


Own impression of the Fris ceramics

When I walk past the ceramic vases and crockery of Fris, I quickly develop a preference for certain objects. I would like to add the black vases and bowls with engravings to my own interior. These seem to be inspired by the old way of catching fish with the botter boats. I see  fishermen with fish, traps and ships depicted on the vases and bowls. The tableware that is partly black and partly white also appeals to me. This form and way of color distribution can be seen in the current range of many home furnishing stores.  Perhaps I will also go to an auction to try to get hold of one of these objects from Fris. Probably it will remain with dreams and I have to come back here a few times until March. Because, be aware and be quick because the exhibition is over in no time. The exhibition can be visited from October 2021 to March 2022.


Shop windows former shop premises in Edam

After my visit to the annex of the museum, the vvv employee told me that there is even more of the Fris collection on display in the shop windows of former shop buildings in Edam.  Viewing the shop windows forms a nice walking route through the city center of Edam. Since Fris's objects are leading, it is not very difficult to spot the shop windows that exhibit this tableware. The  tableware is not  necessarily very interesting for children, but looking for certain objects in the shop windows is of course. Here you can easily make a game of while you admiring the pieces.

I would like to share my journey through the world of Fris with you. So if you are in the vicinity of Edam or if you are going to visit this nice historic city, take a look at this vibrant exhibition of Fris.