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Special activities in the surroundings

10 November 2021 - Kim Tol

In the area of Edam/Volendam/Zeevang there are a lot of fun, special and educational activities to participate in for young and old. In this blog, 3 activities are highlighted that you probably have not thought of yet to complete your day or holiday in this area.


The Halve Maen

The Halve Maen is a beautiful ship made of wood that was probably built in the vicinity of Edam in the early 17th century. In this century, the ship the Halve Maen sailed across the ocean with Captain Henry Hudson. Now the Halve Maen is situated in the harbor of Volendam. The ship is available for visitors until 31 December 2021.


The ship now serves as a small museum. On the ship there are several stations to visit such as the back room, the capstan, the landing deck and the container where the food was eaten and cooked. The volunteers are happy to help you with questions or to provide further information. De Halve Maen has an extensive history that they will be proud of to explain to you during your visit at the ship.

Own experience:  As a native inhabitant of Volendam, I don’t have a particular connection with the ship the Halve Maen, but if you see the ship from afar, it does not leave you unmoved. It is a beautiful ship to see, and a visit is also worthwhile. It is a ship with a great history that is told extensively. It is fascinating to see where the sailors in the 17th century ate and cooked at sea along the way. On this ship you really feel, smell and see in front of you how life on the ship used to be here.


De Halve Maen can be visited on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 10:30 and 17:00. A visit can be booked in advance on the website of the Halve Maen, but you can also reserve a place when you are in the neighborhood.

Tip: You can only pay for this activity by debit card.

Tickets rate: € 9.00 for adults - € 4.50 for children up to 14 years.

More information about this beautiful ship can be found on


Simonehoeve Katwoude

The Simone farm in Katwoude is both a cheese dairy and a clog factory. Throughout the year there is plenty to do on this farm. From smoking fish workshops to mosaics or farmers decathlon on the meadow.


On all 365 days of the year, it is possible to attend a free guided tour. The explanations and demonstrations are also completely free as is tasting the cheeses and cookies. The cheese maker will be happy to show you how the tastiest farmhouse cheese is made. You will also learn how cheese gets its taste and what the difference is between old and mature cheese.  Of course you can also see how the Old Dutch clogs are made. A workshop clog decorating can also be found at the Simone farm. A fun activity for larger groups or for a family day.

In the Simonehoeve you can also enjoy a snack or a drink. You are welcome for a coffee table with cake or a buffet, an extensive lunch, dinner or a barbecue. The choice is huge.


Own experience: The Simonehoeve organizes activities for both children and adults throughout the year. This summer I have been here with my little sister and two friends of hers. While they were busy with an ice cream making workshop, my family and I sat on the terrace with a cup of tea and cake. I am also always very pleased with the range of cheeses. You can really get the tastiest cheese at a real cheese dairy. The tour of the cheese dairy is fun and educational. My sister was astonished by every part of the tour. She never knew that such large cheeses existed. In the supermarket there is always a very small piece, she said indignantly.

For more information about the prices of the different workshops you can take a look at the website:


Cow Boat tour

I hear you thinking; "What on earth is a cow boat?" This is a flat boat that is mainly built in the vicinity of Waterland. On a cow boat, also called a praam, 10 people plus a skipper can sail along. This boat has been used for more than hundreds of years as a means of transport over the water.

Edam from the water is incredibly beautiful. Sailing on the cow boat gives an extra dimension to the history of Edam since people sailed through these canals with the same kind of boats in the 14th century. At a leisurely pace you can enjoy the surroundings for about anhour. Along the way you will come across old facades, special ornaments, cheese warehouses and other architectural building. The skipper will tell you all about the history of Edam. This boat trip is an ideal activity for families or even as a fun activity during a business trip.

Own experience: During a cruise with the cow boat through Edam you sit very low to the water. This makes it look like you are floating on the water. If a duckling or a swan swims by, you are literally at the same eye height as this animal. During my trip through Edam, I soon found out why these boats are built this way. During the cruise, the boat sails under various bridges. It is not pleasant if you bump your head or have to bend down the entire ride. The people in the 14th century of course also suffered from this when they sailed through ditches or canals. This cruise with the cow boat is highly recommended if you want to get to know Edam better from a different perspective.


Tip: The cow boat can only be booked via the VVV Edam and sails as long the water is free of ice.

Rates: A cruise is € 10.00 p.p.  – children up to 12 years pay € 5.00 and children up to 4 years are free. Groups up to 15 people pay a total of € 90.00

On this page of the VVV Edam/Volendam you will find a registration form:

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