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The Top 6 restaurants in Edam

6 August 2021 - Kim Tol

Edam has a huge number of historical monuments to offer and is architectonical absolutely worth the visit. From strolling around and sightseeing you become very hungry. In Edam there are a lot of great places where you can sit down for a lunch or nice diner. To make this choice a little bit easier, I will introduce you to the top 6 restaurants in Edam with a couple of niche menu tips!


La Galera

The name of this restaurant already gives away that you can enjoy Italian specialties in this restaurant. In the restaurant or in the Mediterranean courtyard you can enjoy a fresh pasta, a nice piece of meat, fresh fish or of course a real Italian pizza. When you are sitting in the garden in the summer with a good glass of wine it seems like you are in the inland of Italy. Next to the restaurant is café the Gevangenpoort situated. Here you can enjoy a pizza in a laid-back ambiance or drink a beer. This way you catch two birds with one stone.


Restaurant de Fortuna

Is a hotel, restaurant, and bar in one. In this restaurant you can find a varied offer of surprising meat, fish, poultry, and game specialties. All dishes are prepared on a traditional way with organic regional products. Chef Michel Boon and sous chef Connor Mirani present a completely new menu every six to eight weeks. You can also choose a three, four- and five-course menu. You can also go to this restaurant for a nice lunch. In summer you can sit and enjoy the food in the terrace garden. For a nightcap you can go to the intimate bar and in the restaurant itself you can also feast your eyes. The dining room exudes a cozy, homely and old Dutch atmosphere. The whole room is decorated with paintings, etchings and drawings made by artist who have meant a lot to this region.


Strandbad Paviljoen Edam

A personal favorite of mine is strandbad paviljoen Edam. This restaurant is situated right next to the cozy harbor of the historic town of Edam, where you can enjoy a range of different dishes with a view on the water. From coffee and tea to lunch and dinner, you can enjoy it all in this restaurant. The spareribs of this restaurant are known as Waterland’s tastiest, and the chicken is also highly recommended. For large groups of family or friends is it possible to book a buffet evening or to put together a menu that everyone likes.


Hof van Holland

Is a hotel and restaurant in one. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy breakfast in this restaurant. All the dishes are prepared with organic regional products. Hof van Holland has an extensive menu with contemporary dishes such as a poke bowl, falafel, or a Thai lime soup.  The name of this restaurant naturally makes you think of typical Dutch dishes, but you will not find that here except for the bitterballen. I highly recommend the delicious cocktails that you can order here. Especially the mimosa.


De Harmonie

Is a restaurant, café and hotel under one roof, situated in the historical center of Edam. The café already exists for more than 150 years, and that fact gives an extra experience to this cozy place. On Wednesdays, the café transforms into a true sole paradise. You can make a reservation for this evening and eat unlimited sole prepared in the traditional way. On Thursdays and Fridays, they work with a changing menu. A must eat from this menu is the cod with mustard sauce.


De oude school restaurant Warder

Just outside the city of Edam you can find the North Holland village of Warder. Get on your bike and discover one of the many cycling routes that are located along this village. A stop at Warders old school restaurant is a must. In this characteristic building you can enjoy a delicious lunch or an extensive dinner. The restaurant cannot be missed as the building used to be a school and is located next to a small church. The menu of this restaurant is therefore inspired by the terms that are often used at school. You can enjoy a plate with dictation or a teacher sandwich. No room for dessert in your tummy, but you still want something sweet? Order a scroppino in this restaurant, a delicious sweet and sour drink to end the dinner.

The question, where to eat in Edam? Is know fully answered, but did you know that there is much more to experience in Edam? Read more about this on our website.