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Top 9 restaurants in Volendam town

14 July 2021 - Kim Tol

What is a day out in Volendam without good food? In this beautiful fisherman village is the choice in restaurants enormously. To make this choice a little bit easier, I will tell you about the top 9 restaurants in Volendam included with some nice menu tips!


Paviljoen Smit Bokkum

When you think about Volendam, obviously you immediately think about fish. One of the best restaurants to eat fish is Paviljoen Smit Bokkum. In summer you can enjoy Volendammer regional dishes on the terrace with an amazing view on the Ijsselmeer. If you want to try one of those regional dishes, then you should definitely pick the stewed Ijsselmeer eel. In Volendam well known as straight up in the pan. This name finds his origin in het preparation method. The pieces of eel are set up right next to each other in a pan to stew. For more than 100 of years this dish is prepared with a lot of love in the kitchens of every household in Volendam. If you visit this restaurant, you will notice that this is an authentic experience you will never forget, because you can also visit a real eel smoke house that is located in the restaurant. Above the eel smoke house, you can also find the palingsoundmuseum. Here you can learn more about the local musicians of Volendam.


Restaurant & Café the Dijk

This restaurant and café is located in the middle of the characteristic harbor of Volendam. In this restaurant you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a whole dinner from early in the morning until late in the evening. Enjoy the risotto Monday, the diner Tuesday, or the week menu of the chef. All the choices are even delightful. In this restaurant you can find something to eat for everyone’s taste. A nice tip is the high wine of this restaurant. This is fun when you are out with family or friends. A high wine at restaurant and café the Dijk is a good, filled evening with wine and matching dishes.


Le Pompadour

This restaurant has an international kitchen and owns his name from Madam the Pompadour, the mistress of the French King Louis XV. As tempting as this lady was for the King are the dishes of this restaurant for you. In addition to the extensive menu, the restaurant also has a separate wine bar where you are taken on a wine tour through different countries. Are you aware of the hotel that is situated right above this restaurant? Here you can stay for the night and enjoy the view on the Ijsselmeer.


’t Havengat Seafood and Eetcafé’ t Havengat

Recently the concept of restaurant ‘t Havengat has had a total metamorphose. Nowadays you can choose between two restaurants. The new restaurant is as the new name already says, specialized in fish dishes, from fruit de mer till Thai’s fish stews.  In these two restaurants there are also different arrangements to book such as a high beer, high wine, or a high tea. Chose for the “Volendammer messy table” if you are with a big group. This is also called a shared dining concept.  Delicious dining together while you taste a lot of flavors.


Van den Hogen

 Restaurant Van den Hogen is already for more than a century a real family business. It started as a café and is grown to a qualitatively good restaurant with niche fish and meat dishes. In this restaurant you can also taste the Vollendammer special dishes like the stew eel that I mentioned before. A tip from me is the Irish coffee of Van den Hogen. They prepare this coffee at your table on a classic way with hand whipped cream. The walls of this restaurant are decorated with the most beautiful paintings of old Volendammer scenes. Ask the staff about the personal story of the painting that hangs close to your table, or search for the meaning on the website of Van den Hogen.


Lotje Wine & Dine

The name of this restaurant already tells you everything. Dining with a good glass of wine? Then you must go to Lotje Wine & Dine. In addition to the regular lunch and dining menu, this restaurant also serves a so called “break of the week” every Wednesday. This is a composed menu that is served on a wooden shelf, which of you can enjoy alone or with others. This is a well-known concept in Volendam and environs. It is also possible to eat an extensive breakfast in this restaurant. At half past eight in the morning, it is already possible to enjoy breakfast at Lotje Wine & Dine.


De Ouwe Helling

If you are looking for a restaurant with ambiance and an authentic interior, then is restaurant the Ouwe Helling the place to eat for you. This restaurant is established in a 150 years old building where back in time the workshop of the shipyard used to be located. This restaurant is suitable for young and old, because here they have everything. From Pancakes until grilled salmon and spaghetti Bolognese. This restaurant also often offers a cheap arrangement that is called the Waterland deal. You can buy this deal on the internet. A personal recommendation from me is the Surf and turf of this restaurant. It is finger licking good.


De Lunch

If you are looking for fast service, then is Haven restaurant The Lunch the place to be. Your food is ready and served in ten minutes if you like. Do you want your lunch faster? Then you can go to the take a way booth. Here you can buy different kinds of sandwiches and warm meals to eat outside. The price to quality ratio is here a little bit friendlier relative to other restaurants at the harbor and therefor suitable for an extensive lunch. In this restaurant you can order crispy codfish with a local beer, and I can assure you are stuffed for the day.



Restaurant the Pieterman is located at the harbor of the Marinapark and features over a big terrace. In addition to the lunch and dinner menu this restaurant also offers a unique Volendammer tapas concept. This is the only restaurant in Volendam where you can enjoy an all you can eat concept in the afternoon and in the evening. I can recommend the beef stew. This dish is prepared with Volendammer bock beer, and it is really delicious.

I hope i made the choice for a bite or a dinner a little bit easier, but are you also aware of the other things you can do in Volendam? On our website you can read more about this all.