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Here you will see a listing of all the cultural parts of Edam-Volendam and surrounding areas.

Windmill Edam

Address: Burg. Versteeghsingel 2, 1135 VT Edam     View map »
Type: Mill
Phone: 020-6238703

The windmill of the Zuidpolder is a so called 'Grondzeiler', draining the Zuidpolder. The hull has a oak octagon low base, covered with reed. This mille has never used a wick improvement.

In the early Middle Ages, which now included the Zuidpolder called water management seen to the north of Edam located peaty area of Zeevang. In this area was the IJe, a peat river that poured out into the Zuiderzee in the current Volendam and whose mouth did as a port of Edam service.

After the port had become unusable due to silting shortly after 1357, as a new way out to sea today port the Oorgat dug. Because of this cut off the southern part of the Zeevang the rest of the area, which will have led later after the reclamation of the name Zuidpolder. According to a map from 1630 the polder was then common with the neighboring polder Katwoude and there was no mill there yet. The exact year of construction of this mill is not certain, probably it was around 1635.