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Edam, town of cheese and much more!

When people first think of Edam, they usually think of cheese.  But while Edam is very proud of its round, yellow cheeses, that for several centuries have been sent to all corners of the world, this ancient city is known for much more. The city itself is a conservation area and it is wonderfull to stroll along the canals (called harbours), the streets and wondering old fronts dating from mostly the 17th and 18th century.


Less than 30 minutes by bus from the hustle and bustle of the capital city of Amsterdam, you can find one of the Netherlands’ best kept secrets – the historic city of Edam. In the centre of Edam, you’ll find classy shops and café terraces. the Edam museum in the ‘Coopmanshuis’ with its floating cellar floor, and City Hall where you can meet the tallest woman in history who once lived in the city. Well-preserved gables, squares, bridges, and monuments will capture your imagination and take you back to the past.


Edam cheesemarket every summer

Every Wednesday morning in July and August you can experience for yourself what life was like for the cheese merchants who raced to be first to offload their merchandise and secure the best prices. Local Edammers re-enact the scenes of yesteryear in the historic market square. There you can buy authentic Edam cheese produced by local farms


The Great Church

One of the city’s proudest possessions and has its origins in the 15th century.  It’s known for being the largest ‘hall’ church of its kind in western Europe and has cathedral proportions.  Its beautiful stained-glass windows tell the story of how cities and guilds across North Holland came together to replace those lost in a fire caused when lightning struck the tower in 1602. They survived a similar fire when lightning struck again in 1699. 


Fort Edam

Just a 15-minute walk outside the city centre you’ll find Fort Edam, part of the Defence Line around Amsterdam. It was constructed between 1880 and 1920. There you will find spectacular views of the wetlands around Edam and the former Zuiderzee. Fort Edam is a listed UNESCO World Heritage site.


Guided City Walk

For those who would like to know more about Edam’s history, join one of our expert tour guides for a walk around the city. Tours are available every Saturday at 14.00 hrs from the old City Hall. Tickets cost just 6 euros per person. Tours are also possible for groups on different days and times by booking via our Edam Tourist Information (VVV) website. 


Edam Boat Cruise

In the spring and summer, you can gain a different perspective of our lovely city from the water.  Edam boat cruises, with an experienced guide, are available via our website. 


You’ll receive a warm welcome when you drop in to the Tourist Information Office ‘VVV’ on Dam Square in the centre of Edam. We look forward to seeing you! 


Edam is a city with a rich history. It began in the 12th century when farmers and fishermen settled along the little river Ye.

After making a dam in the river Ye, Yedam (Edam) came into being. Edam really began to develop when it was awarded

city rights in 1357. Shipbuilding played an important role in this growth. This primitive settlement became an increasingly prosperous city and remained so well into the 17th century. 


Edam is known for its once thriving shipyards of which there were 33. The shipbuilding industry helped to establish it as one

of the most commercial cities in north Holland along with Amsterdam, Hoorn, and Enkhuizen. Perhaps the most famous ship to have been constructed in Edam was the ‘Halve Maen’ (Half Moon).  It was built for the English explorer Henry Hudson, who in 1609, tried to discover a northern route to the East Indies. Unfortunately, his attempt failed, and the ‘Halve Maen’ eventually became stranded on the island of Manhattan.  


Today Edam is known for its authentic 17th century architecture.  It boasts 200 listed national monuments.

As you walk along its streets and canals let your imagination roam as you take in the well-preserved gables,

squares, bridges, and monuments that give a nod to the city’s glorious past. Walk along the historical tea-houses

on the 'Schepenmakersdijk', and the leaning Carillon tower (1561) on the Lingerzijde to the Dam square.


Just outside of Edam is the ‘Strandbad.’  There you will find a campsite and restaurant on the edge of the Markermeer (formerly known as the Zuiderzee).  When the IJsselmeer dam was completed in 1932, what was the sea became a sweet water lake.  On a fine day you can bask in the sun on the Strandbad’s terrace, and on a windy day you can watch kitesurfers taking advantage of the wind and waves.

We could easily continue summing up the attractions Edam has to offer, but we prefer inviting you personally to come to Edam and discover the quiet and beauty of this little IJsselmeer-town. You're more than welcome!